Logos and Branding

A handful of logos and branding works I've created.

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Vector workflow
Creating vector artwork involves multiple steps, and I've identified a process that consistently yields successful results for me. I rely on several analog and digital processes.
In a world so digital, I find inspiration in the tangible world. That being said, after finding the solution to the logo and branding exercises for a project, I usually finalize with a vector-based image, guaranteeing consistent scalability across different sizes.
My Contributions
I've been lucky enough to have clients trust me to create logos to represent their hard work and the vision for their brand's aesthetic.
With each project, I listen and research the ideas and thought processes gathered in while talking to and in collaboration with the client.
Ashi Garami - "Embrace the Void"
Jiu-Jitsu Brand
Ashi Garami represents a movement in martial arts of using leg locks to subdue an opponent. At the top of the logo form the letters A and G are embedded in what looks like an angular version of a folk style infinity knot. In the colored version, 5 belt colors, white, blue, purple, brown and black are represented.
Neurofeedback Interchange Conference
"World of Neurofeedback"
The theme for this year was World of Neurofeedback. I designed retro inspired marketing materials and a small "passport" booklet for the attendees.
See the pages laid out below.

I designed this Hyatt Regency Atlanta map and Precourse schedule for attendees. (18x24 posterboard)
During Q&A's, conference attendees passed this Catchbox microphone back and forth for questions.

NIC Passport Layout and Design

Select pages from the booklet
NIC 2020 Concepts
"Future Vision" theme for the forthcoming conference.
May 2020
Love High Speed
Phantom Camera Technician
2013 —  2015
While studying at Central Saint Martins in London, I worked freelance as a digital image technician. This tee shirt I designed for the team at Love High Speed.

I worked with Love High Speed filming commercials with the Phantom Camera at high-speed frame rates, e.g. 2500 fps, to capture slow motion footage. Prior to that I had been working with the RED One, Epic, and Dragon cameras, plus a few other high end digital cinema cameras, like the Sony F65 and Arri Alexa.

The experience was exhilarating. Highlights include working on the Avengers: Age of Ultron, in South Korea, and around the UK with clients like Johnny Walker, Jaguar Land Rover, and Nike Brazil for the World Cup.
Straw Woodworking
Fine Custom Woodwork brand
Jason Straw approached me to help brand his new workshop and business. He had nearly completed the new fine furniture and kitchen cabinetry workshop and wanted a mural and logo to launch the next chapter of his business.
Straw Woodwork website

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