Drawings and Concepts

Character designs and illustrated images
Original Character Design Concepts
I designed the Ley Lines poster above, which was printed for the promotion of the video game. I made the 4 character concepts above during pre-production in our exploration of the protagonist. It's an action-adventure puzzle platformer now available on Steam.
Character Sculpt
This is a Zbrush sculpt and quick turntable from a character designed by Nick Z. Pirate Dude!
Special Pose and Layout Design
While working at Cartoon Network, I was lucky enough to work with the extra talented Ben Balistreri and his character designs. Through Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and PowerPuff Girls, I created special poses and design the character layouts for many episodes.
The Mojo Jojo mouth charts are an example of the many mouth charts (based on phonemes) that I designed for the specific character designs Ben originally created.
Concept Illustration
Before painting large scale murals, I sketch on paper, digitize the sketch, and then use Photoshop, Illustrator, and sometimes After Effects to take the design further and make sure that the client I'm working with has a clear understanding of what I will paint. I love designing for extra wide aspect ratio pieces like the ones below. As a kid I was inspired by MC Escher's works and think that comes through in the first concept sketch below.

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